Goodbye diaper!

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

From a physical point of view, the baby does not have sphincter control before 18 months. And here too, age varies greatly from child to child. Some children may already be ready, while others show no signs until the age of 2 or 2 and a half. The signals that the baby sends us are different, he may start to have a dry diaper for several hours, or even during the night, he begins to warn us when he has a dirty or wet diaper and shows curiosity towards the toilet or the potty. You should always be guided by the child, even if this particular stage of growth is often forced by the entrance to kindergarten at 3 years. For this reason, we tend to start with the spreading operation at the age of 2, even if the child does not yet show signs of being ready. Once you have decided to start nursing, explain to the caregiver what you are doing and invite them to do the same. In fact, it would be very destabilizing for the child to stay without a diaper at home but still keep it with grandparents, uncles or babysitters. For about a week, "prepare" the child, show him the potty and the panties he will wear, read him books and stories on the subject. Then you leave showing yourself confident. Initially the child will need to understand what to do, so you will have to remove the diaper and accompany him to the potty very often (every 30-60 minutes). Bring the potty with you so that it is always available in case of emergencies. Expect accidents, they will surely happen. But don't give it importance, don't scold or get impatient with the baby. Rather show him the potty again and continue with what you are doing. Start with these operations during the day, then when the child has become familiar with the potty, try the afternoon naps and, finally, during the night.

Some children will learn before others, the important thing is consistency. If you find that the baby just can't learn and is becoming a stressful thing, stop for a week or so and start from scratch the next week. In case even this method does not work, my advice is to speak to the pediatrician, both to rule out any physical problems and to get help. As for the tools to use, you can choose between potty and reducer. There is no right or wrong choice, it all depends on you and your child. The only thing worth noting is that in some cases the child who gets used to the potty will then find it difficult to get used to the reducer or toilet again, as he will see it as a further step to take. For this reason many families decide to leave directly with the gearbox.


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