My son is not walking yet!

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

Very often I have been asked to talk about the stages of a child's development, which is however very difficult to deal with. Not for its complexity, but for the impact that the speech can have on parents. In fact, we can all open a childcare book and read the various stages of development according to age. The problem is that these diagrams are only indicative, each child is unique and should not be placed in sterile tables. I therefore decided to deal with the subject but with the important recommendation to take these schemes for what they are. Let's see the development of the child from birth to the completion of the first year of life: 0-3 months: the baby begins little by little to control his head, to hold it up and to lift it when he is on his stomach, he begins to put his hands to his mouth, he begins to stare and follow a familiar face with his eyes, begins to smile, reacts to sounds and begins with the first vocalizations; 3-6 months: Holds head and upper body straight when on stomach, attempts to position on side when lying down, stretches legs and kicks, opens and closes hands, puts hands to mouth , improves his expressive ability and enjoys playing with each other, returns the adult's smile, begins babbling, follows objects or people who speak to him, grabs and shakes games with his hands; 6-9 months: the baby learns to sit alone and can start crawling or standing if leaning on something, learns to roll on his side, begins to behave differently towards strangers and be afraid of them, is very curious about comparing games and objects, begin to be attracted to food and begin to understand the meaning of some words; 9-12 months: rolls, crawls, sits up on his own and can support his weight when standing, passes objects from one hand to the other, reacts to other people's emotions and begins to express his own with the tone of voice, begins to respond to one's name, imitates familiar gestures and can begin to pronounce or repeat sounds. Even in perfectly healthy children there can be "delays" in the acquisition of certain skills. If you have any doubts, then rely on your trusted pediatrician, without panicking.


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