It's done, I'm a mom!

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

Two lines on that pregnancy test, nine long months of waiting and endless hours of labor, but it's finally done! You are a mother, your baby was born. The midwife dries it and hands it to you, for that long-awaited skin-to-skin contact. You have already forgotten everything, every pain or sleepless night, what matters is having it there with you. And then the question: do you want to attach it to the breast? A thousand doubts and worries begin to crowd your mind: “I don't know how to do it”, “what if I do it the wrong way?”, “Will it be the right thing to do?”. Don't panic! I will dedicate Monday to breastfeeding and weaning and together we will have time to understand each mechanism. What I can tell you, for now, is just enjoy the moment. The first step towards a long-lasting and effective breastfeeding process is the psycho-physical well-being of the mother. In fact, tension and worries have the effect of inhibiting milk production and making the newborn nervous. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) breastfeeding should ideally begin 1-2 hours after delivery, so (if there have been no complications and the mother and baby are fine) the midwife will give you your baby as soon as possible. . Together with him, place it on your chest and cover it with a dry cloth and a hat. It is important to remember that during birth, the newborn passes from an environmental temperature of about 37 ° C (the maternal uterus) to one of 20-22 ° C (the delivery room or the operating room). It is therefore essential to keep him warm and skin-to-skin contact with you will help him not to lose body heat. It is recommended to extend this first contact for at least 60-70 minutes; during this time the baby will begin to move and search for your breasts. This is a primal instinct that all newborns possess, so don't worry, your baby knows exactly what to do. Let him guide you. Finally, remember: this is a unique experience. Enjoy it to the fullest and leave excessive worries out of the delivery room!


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