How often do I attach him to the breast?

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

We have talked about breastfeeding many times already, covering the most varied topics. But there are many questions you ask me about it, so I think it's useful to freshen up. Despite being a unique and incredible experience, breastfeeding does not always start in the best way and difficulties can lead to a renunciation on the part of the mother, if not well helped and supported. First of all it is good to say that breast milk is the best thing that the newborn can receive, it has many benefits (not only nutritional) for mother and child, such as defense against infections (especially lung and intestinal infections), laxative effect in the first days of life , nutrition tailored to the needs of the child, help in mother-child attachment, prevention of ovarian and breast cancer and many others. However, breastfeeding does not always start easily and small obstacles combined with beliefs and clichés can greatly discourage the mother. The key to everything is simpler than we think. Just focus on your baby and leave the rest to others. Stress, anxiety and worry only inhibit the production of breastfeeding hormones, making the process difficult. There may be hitches, but if they are corrected promptly they do not compromise breastfeeding. For this reason, it is very important to contact the pediatrician or a good breastfeeding consultant in case there is pain or difficulty. In the first few days after birth, mother and baby must be in close physical contact. It is very normal that the baby does not want to be alone and is looking for mother and breast often, this does not mean that your milk is not feeding him and that he is hungry. Sleep (if you can) when the baby sleeps and give importance to nighttime feedings, which are essential because milk hormones peak at that time. Your baby knows what to do, trust him. Attach him to the breast whenever he wants and for as long as necessary, this is in fact the best way to stimulate milk production. Forget all-time rules and scales. They are not needed! Spend a lot of time embraced, skin to skin. Smell and enjoy your baby.


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