Breastfeeding in public

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

Although we live in a society where we find the female nude practically everywhere (advertising, social media, internet and TV), on some occasions breastfeeding in public is still seen as a gesture of bad taste. On several occasions, women are victims of indignant looks and glances and in extreme cases, they are even "invited" to go away and find another place to breastfeed. This is mainly a cultural issue, we are used to seeing a woman's breasts as a sex object and a cleavage on a beautiful girl is perfectly acceptable, but a woman who is nursing her baby still causes discomfort. We have already talked in depth about the numerous benefits of breastfeeding (both for the mother and for the baby) and how it is promoted and protected by Unicef ​​and WHO. So here are some small tips that can help you manage embarrassment. When you find yourself breastfeeding in public, think that you are doing nothing wrong. Nobody expects new mothers to have to stay indoors to meet their baby's needs and it is perfectly normal for your baby to want to breastfeed when you are outside the home. Use appropriate and comfortable clothing (such as nursing bras and low-cut tank tops that make it easier to expose the breasts) and, if it makes you feel more comfortable, a scarf or scarf. Remember, however, that covering the baby's breast and head with a scarf or cloth can make the whole operation a little awkward and cumbersome; only do this if it is something that is useful to you, not because others might be bothered to see you breastfeed! Choose a quiet and possibly uncrowded place. Once again, more for your and the child's peace of mind than for others. This way you can fully focus on your baby without unnecessary stress or distractions. That said, you may be the victim of someone's disapproval, just remind them of your rights as a nursing mom and move on. Don't feel compelled to breastfeed in public restrooms or unsuitable or hygienic places. Who among us would go to enjoy a plate of pasta in the bathroom? Breastfeeding does not produce bothersome odors or noises and, if done discreetly, minimally exposes the breast as the baby's head covers most of it. The problem is therefore not yours, but rather in the mind of the beholder!


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